knowledge areas

Rabión Consultancy is a recognized for in-depth knowledge knowledge of telecommunication networks and technology, its service and business applications. We have been working on assignments for our customers on a wide range of topics. The areas that we are specialized in are:

Number Portability, Numbering and Domain Management

Mobile Communications networks (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, WiFi, LTE)

Fixed networks and Services (VoIP)

Broadband and Access networks (DSL, internet)

International Roaming

Spectrum Management and Economic Evaluation/Validation of Spectrum


Mobile Wholesale (MVNO, MVNE, ESP)

Fixed Wholesale (Line Rental, Broadband access)

Telecommunication Business processes, and  Billing & Payments


Here you can download the whitepaper ‘Introduction to Number Portability

Here you can download the whitepaper  ‘The unbundling of international roaming

Here you can download the whitepaper ‘ Finding national IMSI numbering space’

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