training programs

Rabion Consultancy has the following training programs ready for our clients:

Mobile School  is 5-day extensive training about mobile communication and covers all technical aspects of mobile communication technologies such as GSM, UMTS, HSDPA and LTE. The participants will learn in detail the functions of the radio networks, core networks, and service implementations. Topics such as international roaming, interconnection, wholesale/MVNO, and Number Portability are presented in how these affect mobile communication network implementation. The training consists of theory and of practical cases. Rabion Consultancy has provided (in-house) Mobile School training for more than 10 years. Mobile School training is now open for individual registration. The training is in Dutch language or in english language Please find details in our brochures

Mobile Communication Overview is a 2-day course that gives overview of mobile communication networks and its implementations. The training provides general knowledge about some of the major communication technologies and its implementations. The training is provided to groups of maximum 12 persons and is aiming at mobile network operators and telecom regulators that need to improve the knowledge level of their staff.

Roaming A to Z (in association with Connect2Roam) is an extensive training on International Roaming in mobile communication networks, which contains all aspects of roaming services and processes, the technical backgrounds, the implementation, technical developments  and commercial and business topics. The course offers an optimal combination of theory and practice. On the one hand the training provides extensive knowledge on technology and the business of roaming and on the other hand practical cases and negotiation examples.  This course is ideal for those who want to get up-to-date with roaming.   The training is for multidisciplinary groups of max 10 people, targeted at mobile network operators.

Number Portability workshop is a 1-day program that covers all technical, business, and legal aspects of mobile and fixed number portability.  The content of the workshop is as follows: The business model for Number Portability, Porting procedures, Service levels and Key Performance Indicators, Technical network solutions and challenges,VOIP, ENUM and Fixed-Mobile Substitution, Impact of business processes, Inter-operator solutions (central solutions,  central reference database solutions, clearing house functions) and inter-operator procedures, Regulatory trends and issues, Cost modelling  and economic considerations. The workshop is aiming at telecom regulators as well as at network operators.

Number Portability – extended In addition to the Number Portability workshop three expert sessions (half day each)  are offered: Central NP Solutions and processes, Legal Economics, Network Routing and Charging.

LTE awareness is a 1-day training in which the new Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is presented. The program contains the latest developments in mobile communication and gives insight in this technology for the Fourth Generation Mobile Communication (4G) network. The key differences and improvements will be highlighted, and a status of LTE worldwide will be presented. As part of the training the impacts that LTE may have on business processes such as interconnection, billing, and international roaming are analyzed. The impact of the LTE roll out on the business will be discussed, and also the relevance of LTE for VoIP and IMS in the mobile network. Roll out scenarios will be presented, and also spectrum management and spectrum allocation will be looked into. The LTE awareness training is aiming at professionals with technical, legal, or economic/commercial backgrounds who are familiar with mobile communication but need latest and actual updates of their knowledge.

Introduction to Telecommunication networks and technology for Regulatory Authorities is a 3-day training that presents overview of key telecommunication networks and technology such a mobile communication, Broadband communication, Broadcast technology, the Internet and internet protocols, transmission, cable networks and satellite communication. The training emphasizes on the technological aspects and it relevance for telecommunication regulation e.g. for international roaming, local loop unbundling, addressing, number management and number portability, spectrum management, safety and health issues, and international standardization. The course is suited for staff with various backgrounds: technical, legal and economical.

MVNO and Wholesale In a 2-day course all the aspects of the implementation of mobile wholesale are presented. The various wholesale models are explained: Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE), Enhanced Service Providers (ESP), and resellers.

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